easy to use designed
2 component Airless-Air/assisant system

ready to work (paint/hardner/solvent pump)
• 3x airless pump 30:1, 40 ccm
• spray gun, Airless / Air assistant
• 2x gear flow meter 40.000 Impulse
• frame stainless steel
• Electronic SPS S7 Comfort Panel 7”
• valve unit paint/hardner flushing
• injection unit with static mixer


MP_10 - 2 component dispense gun system


  • automatic and hand-held gun
  • mixing head, stainless steel, mixer with bell connection 
  • adjustable material seals
  • start stop signal with inductive switch
  • bracket for gun
  • different sizes for valve and needle (stainlees and wolfrad carbidge)
  • handy designed
  • pneumatic opening cylinders for A + B component
  • valves sizes:  6,0 mm - 3,0 mm - 1,5 mm 


  • Wide choice of pumps, follower plates and pneumatic rams, optimise Ram Unit applications.
  • Units to suit industry standard 20, 30, 60, 120 and 205 Litre containers.
  • Dual-seal follower plates as standard reduce material wastage.
  • Choice of pneumatic rams on 205L model: Ø80mm (DR205) for high pressure duty and Ø160mm (DRX205) for extreme duty.
  • MX high pressure pumps giving trouble free operation and long working life.
  • Stainless steel pump fluid section housing as standard with choice of ball-check or chop-check inlet.
  • Wide choice of pump ratios from 15:1 to 60:1 (ball-check) and 5:1 to 68:1 (chop-check).
  • Patented low-ice air motors give reliable, non-stop performance.




PU glue - 2 component gun MB_10
2 component gun
MB_10  2 component
2 component automatic gun MB_10 A
bracket MP_10 H
MB_10 H hand-held gun
static mixing elements, stainless steel, POM, PTFE, POLYAMID
MP_10 A  dispense automatic gun
MP_10 H  dispence hand-held gun
MP_10 automatic gun
ram units

Invation is our purpose this is our customer surety of high effectiveness coating systems. 

About us

About us

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