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INFORMATIONS BROCHURE 2 COMPONENT SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT PDF icon product_info_mixing_and_dosing_systems-komprimiert.pdf
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Keramik-Kleinspritzstände PDF icon kleinspritzstaende_folder_.pdf
MIXING DOSING BATCHING INFO PDF icon mixing_dosing_batching_2.pdf
MISCHEN DOSIEREN ABFÜLLEN PDF icon mischen_dosieren_abfuellen_2.pdf

Invation is our purpose this is our customer surety of high effectiveness coating systems. 

About us

About us

Rainer Linz Oberflächentechnik GmbH formed in 1992,  situated in Austria, 3003 Gablitz

The expertise and the Know-How of Rainer Linz Oberflächentechnik GmbH and it`s employees expands the market position continuously

and builds a solid situation for an increase even beyond the Austrian border.



Standort Linz GmbH